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    Home to Skyview's Orion and Skyview's  Triton

        Breeder of Champion Sporthorses and Ponies

   He is a "MULTI CHAMPION" in the Connemara Society and has sired many  Champion Offsprings. 14 2h. Have made it ti the PONY NATIONALS. "Orion's Diamond Ace"
"Dance With Me" From Seattle
  Was choosen to do the 100 day test with "ISR/Oldenburg."  .He also was the winner of the National "GOLD  MEDALION"  in the American Warmblood Pony division in 2002
              Now he is "APPROVED' stallion in 
The Connemara  Society!!!!                       
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American Connemara Society
Only 2 other stallions to achieve this. 
               Premium Approved
     When performance and pedigree is what you are after then by all means crossbreeding is something that you should consider.  Crossbreeding is used for making the offspring better, your creating a  hybrid by improving performance and mental characteristics that are already present in the sire and dam.  

     When you are breeding purebreds you want to continue a certain line or body type that breed is famous for.  At one time or another many breed registries have had open stud books, meaning that they have introduced a horse, if that horse could  improved the breed. 

     Through crossbreeding you can create your own horse with the characteristics that you want, using the  pedigrees show records of the horses that came before to build  the horse of your dreams.

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Orion was the "LEADING SIRE FOR PONY JUMPERS" 2009 & 2008.
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